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Product commentary by Midwife Vanita.


The Mama Sherpas

Produced by Ricki Lake, (Business of Being Born) this second documentary demonstrates the power of in-hospital Nurse-Midwife  care as a solution to the current US Birth Crisis. 

The Business of Being Born

Every pregnant family including grandparents need to see this video!  Actress & talk show host, Ricki Lake, exposes the insanity of our extreme medical domination of birth. This is the first birth activist film to go mainstream. 

A Breech in the System

One woman’s journey of listening to her inner voice who was willing to take responsibility for her decisions to have a holistic breech birth. Consult with your healthcare provider about your individual situation. We support women being exposed to all the information so they can make fully informed choices that work for them and their families. 

Orgasmic Birth

An award-winning film encouraging women to question their beliefs about birth & be open to new possibilities. 

Call the Midwife

I was deeply moved when I watched PBS’s “Call the Midwife”. It captures the humanness, beauty & intimacy of homebirth. Set in the 1950s, this six part series is a moving & intimate insight into the colorful world of midwifery & family life in London’s East End. We are introduced to the local community through the eyes of young nurse Jenny Lee as she lives and works as a midwife alongside the Nuns of the Order of St. Raymond of Nonnatus.

"Why Not Home?"

Doctors Who Chose to Birth Their Own Babies at Home

Why would doctors & other health professionals who attend births in hospitals choose to have their babies at home? This documentary examines the latest evidence on risks & rewards of different birth settings. It presents the latest research & moving personal stores of medical practitioners who are faced with decisions for their families. The filmmaker is a nurse practitioner who offers a compelling journey through maternity care in the US.

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Children's Books & Videos

There’s a House Inside My Mummy
A mother shares her memory of her child’s birth, culminating in a home water birth & is told as a bedtime story to the older sibling.
Mama Midwife: A Birth Adventure
Story of a mouse whose mom is a midwife & introduces children to midwifery & the birth process.
Mama, Talk About When Max Was Born
A mother shares her memory of her child’s birth, culminating in a home water birth & is told as a bedtime story to the older sibling.
Our Water Baby
Prepares young children for home waterbirth & stimulates their curiosity about the arrival of their new sibling.
Hello Baby
I love this book! Prepares children and adults for a normal holistic labor/birth.
Nursies When the Sun Shines: A little book on nightweaning
Helps parents communicate with nursing toddlers about night weaning so they have a gentle & easier process, and get more sleep!
Hey, What About Me?
Award winning video to prepare young ones for a new baby.