In-Home Birth Center Testimonials

Doctor praises holistic birth

Doctor's Granddaugher

Her birth was one of the best experiences of my entire life!

As a doctor and former pediatrician, I have seen lots of hospital deliveries including ‘hospital alternative birthing center natural deliveries’. My daughter’s homebirth was the first out-of-hospital birth I had ever seen and the hospital deliveries don’t even come close. Her birth was without a doubt one of the best experiences of my entire life… What is sad…is I could have been a physician for many years and not known what a woman’s body is truly capable of doing, on its own, with the help of a competent midwife such as Vanita.

Pamela M., MD, Grandmother of Sequoia

First Births

Vanita always took a generous amount of time to address the many questions we had during our pregnancy.

It is with great pleasure that we recommend Vanita Lott, RN, CNM, to anyone looking for a highly qualified and experienced midwife.” Vanita’s knowledge is solidly grounded in obstetric medicine but she is equally open to alternative approaches to pregnancy and birthing and we felt Vanita provided the best of both worlds. During the prenatal check-ups in her friendly and comfortable office, Vanita always took a generous amount of time to address the many questions we had during our pregnancy and she is also on call 24 hrs. for all her clients.

Vanita provided us with extraordinary care, her calm and reassuring presence, and gave us what we most wanted for our baby: a natural, safe and intervention-free home birth. The post-natal care was equally thorough with Vanita making several house calls to make sure mom and baby were doing well. She also had a lot of good advice for the many “new-baby-what-now?” questions. In all, we cannot imagine having had a better guide than Vanita in our journey through pregnancy, birth and new parenthood. Thank you Vanita!     

Annette & Sean, parents of Fiona
Annette & Sean with Fiona
Payton Vaughn

Month after month, you were there as a caring confidant…

When I became pregnant, I was a different person. I did not fully understand the changes I would go through mentally, emotionally and physically. Month after month, you were there as a caring confidant…You inquired about my emotional well-being and my relationships. Throughout my labor you were more mentally present and emotionally in tune than anyone I’ve ever known.

Monica Vaughn, mother of Payton

Vanita showed me the power & beauty in a woman's ability...

Before I met Vanita I was confused and afraid of giving birth. Vanita showed me the power and beauty in a woman’s ability to birth naturally and peacefully at home with family. With her expertise and experience I felt so safe and confident throughout my labor. Having my daughter at home with my husband was the most empowering experience I have ever had and it truly goes to the core of what it means to be a woman. I only wish that every woman could experience the magnificence of birthing at home. I can’t thank Vanita enough for her guidance in this life-changing journey of pregnancy and birth. Vanita, I appreciate the love, care and passion that you have shown toward me and my family.

With Love,  H.C.
Mom greets her freshly born child
Eliane bonding with her daughter

As new parents, Vanita helped us to feel confident in what lie ahead.

I cannot recommend Vanita highly enough. My husband and I loved having Vanita as our midwife. Vanita’s knowledge and expertise mixed with her heart, wisdom and practical skills made for such a positive and supportive experience. As new parents, Vanita helped us to feel confident in what lie ahead and always kept us informed on the most holistic choices available to us throughout pregnancy and labor, but at the same time respecting and giving us the space to make our own decisions.

I felt supported above and beyond my expectations and looked forward to my visits… From nutritional counseling, to visualization and affirmations, to helping my husband and I bond … as we prepared for this major life change… We appreciated her medical expertise as various issues came up during the pregnancy and birth, Vanita was always present and it made for such a wonderful journey! I hope that other very lucky women have the opportunity to have such a skilled and supportive experience as we did. What a blessing for our family she has been. Thank you for everything Vanita. We are so grateful!

Eliane Atwell, mother of Eleanor 

I feel empowered and proud.

When I think back to the experience I have such a great feeling about it. I feel empowered and proud. It still does and I’m sure always will make me smile when I think of seeing Sofia for the first time. Thank you sooooooo much.

M.O., mother of Sofia

Your services are truly awesome.

Thank you for helping bring our daughter into this world with integrity and love. Your services are truly awesome. We feel blessed to know you.  

A.W. and J.W.

Two Children Born in My Practice

There was a magical and safe quality to my daughter’s delivery.

During my pregnancy, Vanita empowered me to develop my own wisdom and intuition regarding the needs of my body and the health of my baby. Her sound expertise as a highly trained midwife gave me the intellectual confidence I needed to feel safe about delivering my baby at home, yet her caring presence and intuitive knowledge supported me spiritually and emotionally. There was a magical and safe quality to my daughter’s delivery that was achieved through the loving trust that was developed with Vanita, and by being in the comfort of our own home. Vanita’s follow-up care was so nurturing and respectful to my healing body and our precious baby. I felt nurtured and empowered through my entire pregnancy, birth, and post-natal care. I cannot recommend Vanita highly enough.

Karen, CMT
Bill thrilled with his gift.
Proud Karen bonding with Grace

I have so much respect, thankfulness & love for you.

I have so much respect, thankfulness and love for you. The way she was brought into this world in such a sacred way has been powerful and transformative for me. I can’t thank you enough for what you brought to the whole process of Grace’s birth.

 Bill, Licensed Acupuncturist & son of pediatric neurologist

Thank you for helping me have two birthing stories I am proud of.

Thanks for helping me to have two birthing stories I am very proud of. Having had the best experience possible, I feel such compassion for those women who don’t, there are many. Love you Vanita.

Michele Hardy, mother of Cheyenne & Trinity
Ecstatic Michele bonds with Cheyenne, cord remains attached to unborn placenta
Dee relaxes with baby John on couch shortly after giving birth.

I hope you know what a profound life experience you gave me.

My life’s journey has been very amazing. I’m grateful for all of my story as it has definitely defined who I am. You were a big part of it. I hope you know what a profound life experience you gave me.

Dee Evans, mother of John & Ashlyn

The births I had with you were among the best.

I have 5 kids now. Some were amazing births, others not so much. I treasure the memories of the births I had with you as they were among the best.

Meilei Hales mother of Keelei & Parley
Tired Melei recovering with Keelei
Mehry & her husband's happy children

I have... a deep respect for the service provided by midwives.

I have been humbled by the power, endurance and perseverance of all women who embrace natural childbirth. I have gained a deep respect for the services provided by midwives.

Thank you so much for your support.

Mehrey Vaghti, mother of Keenan & Miakota

We were able to face a lot of our fears and deepen our faith.

We want to thank you deeply. This pregnancy and birth has been very spiritually deepening and strengthening, and I am so glad we got to share the experience with you. How wonderful, too, to experience such a positive birth where we felt like we were able to face a lot of our fears and deepen our faith. It was wonderful to experience what it was like to be at home after the birth. Thank you for your excellent care on all levels…and for helping us bring these two beautiful souls into this world and all the love and growth which has come with it.

Blessings and Joy,

Aaron & Eliane Atwell, parents of Eleanor & Jyotish
Aaron enjoys his children.

I feel like more of a woman than I’ve ever felt before.

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for your involvement in my pregnancy and perfect birth. Thanks to you I feel like more of a woman than I’ve ever felt before. You helped me to realize and utilize the depth of my strength and confidence in my body. Every time we reflect on Sylas’s birth we will think of you. ~ Deb

Thank you for helping Deb bring our beautiful son into this world. You were the exactly right person for the job. We are all proud that Sylas was able to be born at home naturally and healthy. ~ Chris

The Huryn’s, parents of Sylas & Rylan

The hospital staff speaks very, very highly of her.

I felt most comfortable choosing a Certified Nurse Midwife. My first child was born when I was 37, which was somewhat of a concern for me, and I took comfort in her additional training and experience. I also have come to appreciate the fact that Vanita has a wonderful working relationship with the staff at the hospital, which proved to be important in my case. The staff speaks very, very highly of her. She is tremendously dedicated to her practice and the clients she cares for…Vanita is an incredible advocate for women and nurturing in every way. She was always supportive with whatever choices my husband and I made and offered excellent advice when needed. She was also available when I had a question or concern throughout my pregnancy.

Lori Gordon, mother of Devon & Jared

Previous Birth(s) in a Hospital, Next Baby at Home

Chelsea & Zach's joy holding their just born.

It was a very magical experience...

Vanita, thank you again for making our home birth so special. It was a very magical experience and we will be looking forward to having you help us if we decide to bring one more into the world.

Much love, Chelsea, Zack, Lucca, and Mia

She gave me the opportunity to labor my way...

I have had four children, three at a hospital and my last one at home with Vanita as my Nurse-Midwife. Although I had intended to labor naturally with my first child, my three hospital births all included an epidural shortly followed by Pitocin to re-start my labor. All three epidurals worked great in decreasing the pain. What I didn’t realize was that the anesthesia also decreased my ability to feel the joy of birth.

My labor was hard work, but I knew it was work I could accomplish with the help and support of my husband, family and Vanita. It was so wonderful to have people who loved me surrounding me during that time. It was extremely comforting having my midwife immediately available to me throughout my laboring, and it was especially wonderful having such a trusting and personal relationship with the person who would be delivering my baby. When our son came into this world at 12:07 a.m., Vanita placed him on my breast, and I had the most euphoric feelings I have ever experienced in my life. I was surrounded by my husband, my older three children, and other loved ones. The joy I felt was so incredibly intense that my 11-year-old son later told me he thought Vanita had given me something that had made me drunk. She definitely had. She gave me the opportunity to labor my way, not by hospital rules. She gave me the environment I needed to accomplish the work I had to do. Most importantly she gave me the ability to bond with all four of my children in a way that had never been allowed in the hospital with all of their routine procedures and assembly line speed. My heart was opened in a way totally new to me and my ability to love and feel was expanded.

What amazes me more than anything when comparing my hospital births with my home birth was that, in the hospital, the degree to which my pain was deadened by drugs my joy was also deadened. The joy I felt when unmedicated was something I never had expected.

W.E., mother of Gabriel

Best experience in the world!

I had my first baby in the hospital; it was a good experience, but having my second baby at home was like nothing else, it was the best experience in the world!

Willow, mother of Jazzmin

Your education, credentials & experience created the constellation...

When my wife suggested the idea of a home birth, I was a bit uncomfortable. Your birth education, credentials and experience created the constellation which led to selecting you as our birth at home healthcare provider. I believe the educational materials in your lending library helped to create this shift into deeper support and presence. Everything fell into place in a most totally natural and truly miraculous manner. Being able to control the environment; the type of noise; level of peace & harmony; the level of action/non-action; music and positioning was all awesome.                                                                                                                                 

Supporting my wife, I was able to observe and participate in how she was empowered to come from her own place of power. The second most prominent aspect of the experience was how the time from the head crowning to the time the cord was cut, was allowed to unfold according to the poetry of the moment with plenty of heart. It was an incredible transpersonal altered state, one that I have consciously anchored into my heart, it’s just beyond words, the level of love & appreciation and honor for my wife. That moment will send its swell around the topography of my psycho-emotional coastline for rest of my life.  All I can say, having previously had a pretty good hospital birth two years earlier with our daughter, the…Aquadoula (birth tub) experience in the living room was definitely about ten clicks beyond the hospital-centered birth. My wife and I, and our 3 children, send you…our heart-felt appreciation.

P.O., father of Nolan