Transformational Holistic Pregnancy Coaching

Give Birth “Your Way”

Carrying and birthing a child can be one of the most amazing times in the life of a woman, her partner and their families. It is unfortunate that many women do not experience this time as empowering or even positive. Expectant mothers every day , unknowingly hop on the medical assembly line without being fully informed of all their options. Women may not be encouraged to be fully engaged in their experience and thereby, unwittingly are robbed of their power. My life has been dedicated to shifting this outdated paradigm to a more life-affirming holistic one. I inspire women and families to take charge of their pregnancy, labor and births to give birth “their way”.
I am a pregnancy, birth & postpartum expert offering my 35 years of experience for professional coaching sessions for Pregnancy Guidance, Birth Preparation and Fourth Trimester Support.
Choose from:  
  • A Weekly Birth-Positive Group Coaching Session through Zoom
  • Private Sessions by Skype, Zoom or phone

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Some of Our Coaching Topics

First Trimester

 “OMG, I’m Pregnant!”
  • Accepting all your emotions
  • When to make the big announcement to family/friends
  • Coping with discomforts of nausea, vomiting, fatigue etc.
  • Opening to nurturing from others
  • Choosing a birth positive health care provider
  • Understanding the maze of genetic testing & lab options
  • Changing relationships with your partner, your mother & family
  • Dreaming yourself as a mother
  • Transforming F.E.A.R from “False Evidence Appearing Real” to “Fortunately, Everything’s All Right!"
  • Committing to radical self-care & better boundaries
  • Healing the past to be fully present in your pregnancy
  • Facing addictions
  • Finding a Higher Power & learning to trust it for guidance

Second Trimester

Enjoying your Radiant Self & Growing Babe
  • From Vegan to Omnivore- nutritional assessment & guidance
  • “How much weight should I gain?”
  • Fun exercise & movement
  • Trusting your intuition (small inner voice) for guidance
  • Making decisions from love instead of fear
  • Learning to use the power of your mind
  • Choosing a birth positive health care provider
  • Making friends with your body
  • Developing birth positive support
  • Bonding deeper with your unborn
  • Choosing your birth site
  • Childbirth classes – are they for you?
  • Supporting your partner
  • Reassurance all is well: preterm labor signs & fetal movement counts
  • Putting risks into perspective
  • Career adjustments and plans
  • Coping with family issues & concerns
  • Improving communication skills for all relationships
  • Assertiveness training. Ending people pleasing & attachments to being N.I.C.E.- neurotic, insecure, co-dependent and emotional
  • Navigating a complex & fragmented medical system
  • Know your legal rights in medical system

Third Trimester

Turning Inward for Birth
  • Sexuality
  • Birth plans & labor coping skills
  • Choosing your labor team
  • Doula anyone?
  • Reducing your risk of "unnec-cesareans"
  • Preparing your nurturing nest
  • Understanding routine newborn procedures
  • Holistic approach to vaccinations
  • Preparing for parenthood
  • Newborn sleep arrangements
  • Sibling & pet preparation
  • Breastfeeding
  • Contraceptive choices & ideal child spacing

Fourth Trimester

The Nurturing Nest: Bonding & Breastfeeding
  • Establishing breastfeeding
  • Understanding the importance of rest
  • Allowing nurturing from others & asking for help
  • Enjoying postpartum ecstasy & elation
  • Understanding “the baby blues” & coping with depression if it arises
  • Letting go of perfectionism
  • Relationships transforming- appreciating your partner
  • Resuming your sexual relationship

Group Coaching Package Plus

We address any and all issues that the women on the call wish to explore. This can include all the above listed topics plus. Enjoy the knowledge & guidance of a Cesarean Prevention & Holistic Pregnancy/Birth Expert as well as the comfort, encouragement, support and wisdom of other birth positive women who walk this exciting journey with you.


  • Weekly online group session provides support, shared knowledge  & nourishing connections among pregnant women. Women who come together in pregnancy have been shown to have healthier pregnancies and births. Zoom conferencing platform is easy to use or can call in by phone. 
  • Private membership in the Awakening Birth Now FB Birth Positive Community. Be supported by experienced mothers who were empowered & transformed by their pregnancy and birth. Your membership extends beyond the fourth trimester. We hope you will stay part of our birth-positive community to continue to receive motherhood and breastfeeding support and to assist other pregnant women through this powerful rite of passage.
  • Email support by Vanita Lott, Nurse-Midwife

Mondays 12-1:15pm PST

Investment of only $49 per month

Private Online Sessions

Transformational Holistic Pregnancy Sessions Include:

  • 55-minute sessions by Skype, Zoom or phone
  • Participation in the Awakening Birth Now weekly group coaching sessions for the full duration of your package period at no additional cost
  • E-mail coaching support with Coach Vanita between sessions
  • Private membership in the Awakening Birth Now FB Birth Positive Community Online. Your membership extends through your entire pregnancy and fourth trimester but you are welcomed and encouraged to continue as a community member to help guide other pregnant women through this powerful rite of passage into motherhood.

All sessions to be completed by the end of your fourth trimester.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you are not receiving full value I will refund the amount of any remaining sessions.

Additional Private Sessions Available

Sessions address your particular concerns about the issues listed below:
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Helping you, your partner and family to navigate your way to a decision that is aligned with your beliefs and values for the highest good of all concerned.

Addressing concerns for women who are exploring whether to have a vaginal birth or schedule a repeat cesarean.

Pregnancy often brings the opportunity, whether welcomed or not, to revisit unhealed wounds. Few of us had ideal parenting and as you approach motherhood it is common that unresolved issues from childhood arise. Women also can suffer from the effects of physical, emotional, verbal, psychological and sexual abuse. Wherever you are on your journey to reclaiming your ability to trust and be vulnerable again, I assist women to address their unique healing opportunities that this transformation time can bring.

We are living in an insanely addictive society. Addictions can include tobacco, over-or undereating, bulimia, shopping, alcohol, substances, excessive emotional dependence on your partner, sex and social or sexual anorexia. Women are often motivated to quit addictions and adopt a healthier lifestyle when they find they are “with child”. I support you on your journey to a freer way of life.

Life can bring an unexpected turn of events and our culture is unskilled in helping people to effectively grieve. Whether there has been an early miscarriage, a pregnancy complication, a rare late pregnancy loss or an unexpected cesarean, it often leads to women and their partners wrestling with the existential question “why?” I have personally experienced significant losses and have studied grief from a variety of angles. Through dispelling common fallacies about the mourning period, empathic coaching, and the use of personalized rituals, women are supported as they move through the grief process to make sense of their experience and eventually emerge into acceptance and peace.

55-Minute Private Session

Investment of only $129

Holistic Coaching Packages

Holistic Mama

3 Session Package
$ 359 you save $28
  • 55-minute sessions
  • Weekly group coaching sessions
  • E-mail coaching support
  • Membership in the private FB community

Radiant Mama

5 Session Package
$ 589 you save $56
  • 55-minute sessions
  • Weekly group coaching sessions
  • E-mail coaching support
  • Membership in the private FB community
  • ½ hour bonus session

Miraculous Mama

10 Session Package
$ 1159 you save $131 + free bonus session!
  • 55-minute sessions
  • Weekly group coaching sessions
  • E-mail coaching support
  • Membership in the private FB community
  • 1 hour bonus session

Additional Online Services to continue to support you through pregnancy and beyond: The Awakening Birth Now enlightening blog posts, the Awakening Birth Now FB page and continually updated Awakening Birth Now Website & Store

Notes: These are coaching sessions to enhance your experience, use medical interventions appropriately and support you to have a joyous holistic pregnancy and birth. I am not providing clinical services. Women need to have an arrangement with a health care provider who has accepted responsibility for their full medical or midwifery clinical care.

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