Protecting Your Pregnancy in a Toxic World

Da Problem

Pesticides, toxins, electromagnetic fields and excess radiation flood our environment. Consider these facts:

  • Western men are experiencing 50% of normal sperm counts!
  • A Kaiser study found that carrying your cell phone on your body significantly increased miscarriages.
  • Women who ate less organic foods had more babies with hypospadias, a penis defect.
  • Women who ate less organic foods experienced more preeclampsia, a serious pregnancy complication.
  • BPA (Bisphenols A)is a common hormone disruptor found in polycarbonate plastic. This plastic is found in water bottles, such as Crystal Geyser, and in some plastic baby bottles, food cans, bottle tops, food storage containers, polycarbonate table wear, compact discs, impact-resistant safety equipment, medical devices, water supply pipes, some dental sealants/composites and breastmilk. BPA is responsible for many health issues including the decreasing sperm counts. Hormone disruptors may pose the greatest risk during prenatal and early infancy development when organ and nervous systems are forming.
  • Radiation exposure is a growing threat. Ionizing radiation leaking from our nuclear power plants, including the continued leakage from the Fukushima disaster, is spreading radiation all over the globe that can damage DNA. Radiation from this catastrophe has contaminated and continues to contaminate food crops across the entire northern hemisphere and beyond and can cause serious health issues. Following this nuclear accident that contaminated the Pacific Ocean, California babies began showing more damaged thyroid glands. Another recent study shows that babies born after 2010 have 26% percent higher risk of cancer and birth defects.

Here are some natural ways we can protect ourselves, our families and heal our toxic world. I am not here to frighten you but to get your attention as to the seriousness of this problem. There is much you can do to improve your and your family’s health.

Limit Pesticide Exposure

Eat organic as much as possible. These foods have less dangerous chemicals and are generally of higher quality and more nutritious.

Avoid the “Dirty Dozen

Fruits/veggies higher in pesticides if not organic. These include:












Sweet Bell Peppers.

 Eat the Clean 15

Fruits/veggies with the lowest pesticide residues detected. These are less important to eat organic if you can’t afford to or don’t have access to organic produce.


Sweet Corn




Sweet frozen peas





Honeydew melons






It is important to eat organic dairy, meats and poultry whenever possible. A 2007 study in the Oxford Journal showed men who ate commercially raised beef had lower sperm counts and increased infertility. Excessive hormone exposure appears to be the issue. Organic, grass feed beef is leaner and has five times the Omega 3 fatty acids compared to commercial beef. Omega 3’s are associated with increased attention span in children. Organic milk has more Omega 3s and increased levels of beta-carotene.

Healthy Behaviors to Decrease Pesticide Exposure

(from Ob/Gyn Laura Stachel, MD)

  • Wash all fruits/veggies and rinse well.
  • Remove the peels from fruits/veggies that are not organic.
  • Remove and discard the outer leaves of foods such as lettuce, cabbage etc.
  • Choose produce grown in the U.S. as other countries may use more pesticides.
  • Remove visible fat from meats and the skin and fat from poultry because pesticides accumulate in fatty tissue.
  • Buy organic butter, cheeses and milk or choose low-fat products.
  • Avoid other sources of pesticides such as insecticides (bug sprays), chemical insect repellants, flea collars for pets, synthetic pesticides for lawn and garden.

Super Important: If you can’t afford to eat all organic, it is still important to eat lots of fruits/veggies even if commercially produced as these foods are vital to good health. Keep eating fresh produce even if not organic!

Avoid Hormone Disruptors

These are chemicals that disturb hormonal balance also called endocrine disruptors. They are contributing to decreased fertility rates and men from the western world’s sperm counts are down 50%. Pregnancy and labor are dependent on healthy hormone production so this may be another factor affecting fertility issues and failure to progress in labor. Limit exposure by:

  1. Not microwaving polycarbonate plastic food containers.
  2. Avoiding plastic containers marked with recycle codes 3 or 7 which may be made with BPA.
  3. Reduce your intake of canned beverages and foods.
  4. When possible, opt for glass, porcelain or stainless-steel containers, particularly for hot food or liquids.
  5. Use plastic water and baby bottles that are BPA free. We offer these in our store.

 Limit Electromagnetic Influences

There are many sources of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) including your cell phone, cell towers, wireless devices etc.

The California Department of Health recommends:

  • Don’t carry your cell phone in your pocketor keep it near you while sleeping; even a few feet can decrease your exposure.
  • Avoid holding it to your head—use the speakerphone or a headset instead. Wireless (Bluetooth) and wired headsets emit much less RF energy than cell phones.
  • Send text messagesinstead of talking on the phone.
  • If you are streaming or if you are downloadingor sending large files, try to keep the phone away from your head and body.
  • Carry your cell phone in a backpack, briefcase, or purse; NOT in a pocket, bra or belt holster. Your phone’s antenna tries to stay connected with a cell tower whenever it’s on, it emits RF energy even when you are not using it.
  • Put phone on airplane modewhen possible. It does not emit RF energy when in this mode. Airplane mode turns off cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.
  • Reduce or avoid using your cell phone when it is sending out high levels of RF energy such aswhen:
  1. You see only one or two bars displayed. Cell phones put out more RF energy to connect with cell towers when the signal is weak. If you must use your phone when the signal is weak, try to follow the other guidance on this page.
  2. You are in a fast-moving car, bus, or train. Your phone puts out more RF energy to maintain connections to avoid dropping calls as it switches connections from one cell tower to the next unless it is in airplane mode.
  3. You are streaming audio or video, or downloading
    or sending large files.
    To watch movies or listen to
    playlists on your phone, download them first, then switch to airplane mode while you watch or listen.
  • Consider going from using wireless devices in your home to cables.
  • Limit electronics in your bedroom.
  • If you have a smart meterask to have it removed and replaced with traditional meter.

Protect from Radiation

Understanding radiation

I adapted the information below from the Total Health Resonance Website for pregnant women. We are exposed to more and more concentrated forms of radiation. It comes in two general categories:

Ionizing radiationhas enough energy to remove electrons from atoms, turning them into ions. This is the type of radiation that comes from ultraviolet rays, x-rays and gamma rays. It can damage our cells because it generates free radicals. It is associated with cancer, due to its damaging effect on DNA. Rapidly dividing tissue, such as that in growing children and infants, is particularly sensitive. Pregnant women should be aware to avoid ionizing radiation.

Non-ionizing radiationhas enough energy to move atoms within molecules, but not enough to remove electrons. It is typically used to send frequencies or transmit heat, and comes from power lines, radio waves, microwaves, infrared waves and cellular phones.

Protective Actions

Reduce your radiation exposure.

  • Avoid X-rays as much as possible. CAT scans expose you to higher doses of radiation than typical X-rays.
  • Do not carry your cell phone on your body or keep it near you especially when sleeping.
  • Use sunscreen to avoid ultraviolet radiation.

If you live in area of high radiation exposure:

  • Remove your shoes and leave them by the door.
  • Use a HEPA air purifier filter and vacuum to get rid of any excess dust and change filters regularly.
  • West Coast Alert: During periods of high airborne radiation releases, stay out of the rain. Radioactive isotopes are constantly spewed from the Fukushima nuclear plant and are easily picked up by the jet stream and transported across the North Pacific in storm systems. When these weather fronts the mainline, the rains wash the radioactive particles out of the air and spread them over everything that receives precipitation.

Eat clean. Our bodies are already working overtime trying to eliminate toxins so the choices we make can either help the process or make it harder for our systems to perform. Consider reducing (or eliminating altogether) your intake of soda, fried and processed foods, artificial sweeteners, refined sugars and charred meats.

Avoid consuming fish caught off the west coast of North America, Canada and Japan. Marine chemist Ken Buesseler found Pacific cesium levels 50 million times higher than pre-disaster levels. The levels tapered off but plateaued at 10,000 times higher than normal. The algae get contaminated and it goes to the little fish, to the big fish and then to you. It is also wise to avoid dairy and meat. The higher on the food chain, the higher the concentration of radioactive materials may be. Dairy products in particular may be the most contaminated item.

Invest in a good water filter. Authorities are not clear about the level of contamination caused by Fukushima in our water supplies. It may be prudent to have a water filter that not only removes chemical and biological contaminants but also can filter radioactive particles. A filter which includes carbon, reverse osmosis, and ion exchange are the most effective systems available to not only protect you from radioactive particles but also fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides and many other contaminants.

Increase your intake of foods high in phytonutrients. Associated with the prevention and/or treatment of at least four of the leading causes of death in Western countries (cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension), phytonutrients are involved in many processes including ones that help prevent cell damage, prevent cancer cell replication, and decrease cholesterol levels. Phytonutrients in the bloodstream are on constant patrol looking out for bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, toxins, cellular debris, pollutants and industrial chemicals—eliminating these toxic accumulated chemicals before you even know they are there. Phytonutrients can be found in:

  • garlic, onions, scallions, shallots and chives
  • flax, hemp and chia seeds (or their fresh oils)
  • alfalfa, barley and wheat grasses (freshly juiced or dry powders)
  • broccoli sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and cabbage
  • kale, Swiss chard, spinach, dandelions, watercress
  • extra-virgin, cold-pressed olive oil and borage oil
  • green, red, yellow and orange peppers
  • apples
  • tomatoes
  • citrus such as pink grapefruit, lemons, oranges, tangerines, limes (pulp and rind)
  • colorful berries such as cherries, blueberries, strawberries
  • long fermented organic/non-GMO soy such as edamame, miso, natto, tempeh
  • apricots, grapes, dark plums, prunes
  • root vegetables such as yams, sweet potatoes, squash, red beets, carrots
  • whole, organic, non-salted, raw seeds, nuts, legumes, whole grains and peas

Add pectin to your dietary supplements.  Citrus and apple pectin in the form of supplements have been shown to bind to and remove radioactive materials such as Cesium-137 from the body. Apple pectin is known to draw radiation from the body. Russian doctors have found apple pectin to be among the most effective means for protecting against radiation when consuming contaminated foods is unavoidable. Pectin, along with vitamins and minerals, eliminates radionuclides ingested from foods.

Consume foods in selenium. Foods high in selenium may protect against DNA damage. These include many common foods as well as brazil nuts and walnuts.

Get enough vitamins D3, K2 and E. Most of us are deficient in Vitamin D3, no matter how much sun we get. Mushrooms are an excellent source of vitamin D. Mycologist (mushroom specialist) Paul Stamets discovered that you can naturally multiply their levels of vitamin D by exposing them to sunlight. Vitamin D enriched mushrooms are best made from June until September and can be dried as the high vitamin D levels generated will last for more than a year. This is especially beneficial for people living in colder climates. However, our bodies don’t always assimilate it. That is where Vitamin K2 comes in. It acts as an assistant to help get Vitamin D3 directly to your bones. When our bodies do not get the calcium or sufficient nutrients it needs, it pulls from another source and the source could be toxic—such as radiation, lead and mercury. When your body is content and assimilating all that it needs through a healthy diet and supplementation then it is less likely to absorb harsh chemicals. Natural sources of Vitamin K2 include fermented veggies, organic natto and curd cheese. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin with antioxidant properties that plays a huge role in fighting free radicals that can prevent or delay chronic diseases. Vitamin E is found naturally in avocados, nuts, olive oil and sunflower seeds. Vitamin E from foods is recommended, do not take more than from foods and your prenatal vitamin.

Get enough minerals in your diet.  Radioactive strontium is very similar chemically to calcium. Our bodies take up strontium and deposit it into our bones, treating it as if it were calcium. If we’re not getting enough calcium, then our calcium-hungry bodies will more quickly and eagerly absorb strontium. This is the same reason that potassium iodide works to protect against damage from radioactive iodine—by loading up on harmless iodine, our bodies are less eager to absorb the dangerous type of iodine. Similarly, radioactive cesium is treated like potassium by our bodies. The body absorbs it, treats it like potassium, and deposits it in our muscles, heart and other tissues. Plutonium is treated like iron by our bodies. So, getting enough iron will help reduce absorption of plutonium. Magnesium has also been shown to provide some protection against radiation and is essential for absorption of calcium and potassium, plus it helps protect your heart and other body tissues.

Insure your intake of iodine. The incidence of thyroid cancer was off the charts after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and, there have been recent reports of damaged thyroid glands in California babies after the Fukushima nuclear fallout. Sea vegetables such as dulse, wakame, kombu, and nori seaweeds have been shown to neutralize radioactive isotopes in the body and contain a high amount of protective natural iodine. Just be sure to avoid seaweed from the west coast of North America, Canada and Japan. You can also put a few drops of pure iodine in your water which will make it more difficult for your thyroid to absorb radiated iodine. Other sources of dietary iodine include eggs, enriched grain products and plant foods grown in iodine-rich soils. Unfortified sea salt contains only a small amount of iodine.Use iodized salt instead of non-iodized if using commercial salt.

Consider consulting with a homeopathic specialistif concerned about excessive exposure to radiation. There are remedies these specialists use to treat radiation poisoning and exposures.

Detox/cleanse/exercise/massage. Avoid high heat and detoxification programs during pregnancy and breastfeeding but good to do to prepare for pregnancy or after weaning. Try to cleanse and detox at least four times a year. Sweating it out with exercise is safe in pregnancy if don’t get overheated.

Many herbs, algaes and other substances are used for radiation protectionbut I omitted them because of inadequate safety information in pregnancy. Non-pregnant and breastfeeding people may wish to consider these substances listed in reference below. Consult your local naturopathic, herbal or Ayurvedic specialists for more information.

Stay informed. Seek as much information as you can and take control over… your health and well-being.

Most important– I know this is frightening information but I am intending to inspire you to take positive actions. I believe these children are coming in to heal our world, they are fully aware of what they are coming into and are not afraid. These children are not victims but do wish us to give them the healthiest start possible. Fear is weakening.

  • Process your fears
  • Stay aligned consciously to the highest spiritual/divine energy you can which is highly protective.
  • Process toxic emotions and work to stay calm and peaceful. Peace comes with moving in the direction of healthier lifestyles.
  • Get active in healing our environment. A good economic system is meaningless without a healthy environment.
  • Healthy world = Healthy humans


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