Consumer Reports: Choose Your Hospital Carefully!

The hospital in which you choose to have your baby has a greater impact on your chances of having a C-section, than do your age, your weight, and whether you have diabetes. How busy a hospital is and the location of the hospital can raise your risk of a C-section dramatically. By now you are probably aware that more than half of all C-sections performed in the U.S. are not necessary.

If you have certain medical conditions your obstetrician may recommend surgical delivery. Cesareans are the most common major surgery in the U.S and are associated with many complications for mother and baby. Seriously consider a second opinion if you have any doubts about what is being suggested to you and consider asking a Nurse-Midwife. Most women in the U.S prefer vaginal delivery, when possible.

Consider all your options to increase your chance of a safe and fulfilling vaginal birth:

  • If you plan to have your baby in a hospital, select a hospital and an obstetrician with low rates of C-sections. Progressive hospitals offer Nurse-Midwife services. If your hospital doesn’t offer midwifery care consider writing the CEO asking why they are not available and informing the chief executive that you want these services and your reasons for the request.
  • Consider a professional out of hospital birth either in a freestanding birth center or in your own home under the care of a Nurse-Midwife or other qualified midwife. Always choose someone that you feel comfortable with, who has lots of experience and has an excellent reputation.


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