Consumer Reports: 9 Procedures To Consider Avoiding

The Consumer Reports article entitled, “What to Reject When You Are Expecting”, acknowledges that “medical expediency often takes priority over the best outcomes and evidence-based treatments”. The U.S. birth assembly line is often influenced by convenience even when it is ethically questionable. Nine procedures are listed to be cautious about because they can interfere with the primal process of birth. Consumer Reports thinks this “expediency” is one reason our birth statistics are so bad in our country and maternal and mortality rates are worse than many other developed nations. They also acknowledge that birth in the U.S. has become a birth machine that can interfere with the primal process of birth.

The 9 procedures to avoid whenever possible are:

  1. A C-Section with a Low-Risk First Birth
  2. An Automatic Second C-Section
  3. An Elective Early Delivery
  4. Inducing Labor Without a Medical Reason before 41 weeks
  5. Ultrasounds After 24 Weeks Without a Medical Reason
  6. Continuous Electronic Fetal Monitoring
  7. Early Epidurals
  8. Routine Episiotomies (vaginal incision just before or during delivery)
  9. Keeping Newborn in Nursery without a good reason.

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Nine procedures to think twice about during your pregnancy. Retrieved from



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