Cesareans: The Real Risks

A C-section is major abdominal surgery that requires anesthesia. A six-inch incision is cut through the skin, fascia (fibrous tissue surrounding muscles and other organs), abdominal lining, and the thick uterine muscle. The abdominal six-pack muscles need to be separated surgically. There are many risks and potential dangers for mom and baby from the surgery …

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Birth Defect: History of American Birth

The Midwifery Era High Touch, Low Tech Since time immemorial, women have traditionally given birth surrounded by trusted females and overseen by a midwife-healer-herbalist. Amazingly, we can date colonial birth history back to 1587 when Virginia Dare, the first American-born child of English parents was born. Fortunately, birth in America was safer than in England …

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7 tips to side-step a cesaraen

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