61 studies suggest C/S may increase autism/ADHD

I received this information from the Ob/Gyn’s association’s professional newsletter this morning. This national organization has admitted in the past that it a challenging feat to get doctors to do fewer cesareans.

The results of 61 studies from 19 countries suggest birth through a woman’s abdomen may increase autism by an alarming 33% and ADHD by 17%!

Nature’s way of giving birth is usually the wisest course of action whenever safely possible. Abdominal delivery introduces many side effects for the mom and baby (see my post: “The Real Risks of Cesareans”). Women are encouraged to question the doctor when a cesarean is recommended and research all their options whenever possible. The majority of these surgeries were preventable.

I have copied the article below:

Reuters (8/28, Emery) reports, ‘The combined results of 61 studies conducted in 19 countries suggest that when a woman gives birth by cesarean section, autism in the child is 33% more likely and the odds of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder’ (AD/HD) ‘increase by 17%.’ The findings of the systematic review and meta-analysis were published online in JAMA Network Open.

        According to Healio (8/28, Demko), even though investigators ‘reported similar estimates for some other neurodevelopmental and psychiatric outcomes – including intellectual disabilities, obsessive-compulsive disorders, tic disorders and eating disorders – the associations were not statistically significant, possibly due to the limited number of studies.’

From the American Congress of Ob/Gyns.

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